Fair Use Policy

CloudZone is a free tool provided by Williams Medical Supplies Ltd to enable you to securely store and access files from any computer with an internet connection. Think of it as your USB Stick in the sky!

All files uploaded to the CloudZone remain your property, and whilst we'll do our best to help you should the worst happens, you should always take care to ensure that you have another copy of any important files you choose to store on our service.


By using the service you agree not to misuse it:

  • in any way that contravenes the laws or byelaws of the UK and its territories, or the location in which you are located
  • to store documents that are unlawful, pornographic or indecent or that promote or advocate hatred of gender, religion or race. This is not an extensive list and should not be viewed as one
  • to store unencrypted documents or files relating to identifiable patients, customers or clients
  • to store files that are the intellectual property of others without their express written consent
  • for sharing documents apart from with your immediate work colleagues
  • to access files held within the CloudZone by any means apart from the provided interface (e.g. by linking from another website)
  • to store any executable files (including those with .exe, .com, .dll, .sys or .bat extensions)
  • to store or share files designed to cause damage to our systems or those of other users (including viruses and other malware)
  • to attempt to hack the site in any way or cause any disruption in service to the site or the network provided by Williams Medical Supplies Ltd, for example by attempting to access other users' files


We give customers 1gb of CloudZone free of charge. If you get close to the limit, the CloudZone website will let you know and give you the option to increase the amount of space available to you. We won't restrict access to your files if you run out of space, but we reserve the right to prevent you from uploading new ones. We may also reduce the amount of space allocated to you, but again won't prevent you from accessing your data.

We don't recommend that you rely only on CloudZone for your disaster recovery process - you should treated in the same way as a normal USB Stick. Consider the implications of losing a file before deciding on how many copies should be retained, and how they should be backed up.

For administrative purposes we may occasionally need to move your files from one server to another. If our actions will cause the service to be unavailable for an extended length of time, we will make every effort to inform you, but we cannot be held responsible for any difficulties or costs our actions may incur.

There may be circumstances where the service is unavailable for an unplanned reason. If this happens, we will work to ensure that access is restored as quickly as possible, but again will not be responsible for any difficulties or costs you may incur.

We take security seriously and whilst no system can be 100% secure, we will investigate all potential data breaches and inform you if we suspect your files have been compromised in any way. If you feel someone has accessed your data without your consent, please email us immediately at websupport@wms.co.uk so that we can look into it and advise you.

We cooperate fully with all UK law enforcement agencies and other government bodies with oversight for digital and data protection issues. If an agency asks us for access to your data, where allowed we will inform you and ask for your consent. In the event that this consent is not given or that we are compelled by law to provide access, we will do so and inform you if possible.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law Williams Medical supplies will not be liable under this agreement for lost revenues or indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damage.